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31 July 2012 Tuesday, 19:41:17
I like that it keeps track of the vitamins etc - not just by an RDA graph but the actual amount. I'm always trying to get them in optimium ranges, especially the magnesium / calcium balance. I couldn't find any other online food diary that provides that.
1 August 2011 Monday, 19:30:26
This site is so awesome and so helpful, I started dieting a week before I joined and I have lost close to 8 pounds..This is a tool I like to use!
14 July 2011 Thursday, 05:07:32
need to loose 80 pounds in 2 months!!!!
13 May 2011 Friday, 22:11:05
I'm 52, 330 and would like to get to 230 - 250 range. I have seen and read and have heard just about all the different choices.

Should I diet, exercise, be a vegetarian, a vegan or just a meataterian? You see I can eat just about anything if it taste good.Tofu dogs, not that good...dry. Soy dogs, better. Tofu for stir fry,good... So whats the general consensus?? Let me know what worked for you, but be like me, male 52 6' 6" and 330# and out of shape...or at least you used to be.

Here's my eMail

P.S. Some quick and easy good tasting recipes would be nice as well.

Thanks, David

3 August 2010 Tuesday, 08:43:05
I have to lose 65 pounds before March, 2011! HELP!!!!!!
30 March 2010 Tuesday, 08:21:40
Try not to focus on a number that you have to loose. Baby steps. Remember its a lifestyle change, and if you are not seeing immediate results, or you are not loosing what you wanted to at first it can get discouraging, and that may cause you to give up. Never give up, work at your own pace, and it will come. If you want to loose 20lbs in 2 months, and you only loose 10, be proud that you are on your way to success. Also keep in mind that if you are excersizing, you are not only loosing weight, but gaining muscle mass :)
3 January 2010 Sunday, 17:25:42
i have to loose almost 100 pounds before the end of this year
3 November 2009 Tuesday, 16:02:10
3 November 2009 Tuesday, 12:37:27
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15 October 2009 Thursday, 21:02:52
It's not healthy to loose more than 2 pounds a week. And, loosing more, you most probably also gain them back...
3 October 2009 Saturday, 14:14:17
Natalia Jacobsen
i'll try to loose 20 pounds in a month.....the site says that i can do it in i month and 12 days...but i know i can do it in just a month.....lets see wath happen!!
17 August 2009 Monday, 06:53:34
I need to lose over a hundred pounds. Tried almost everything. I was hospitalized as a result of extremely low elctrolytes.

Bitelog is a God-send, because I can monitor the nutritional value of my food intake and compare it with the RDA's.

Bitelog is keeping me on track. I have lost 11 lbs in 3 days.
25 May 2009 Monday, 17:49:01
Okay so i need to lose 28 pounds so im really hoping that i can do it! This website will really help me with bein knowledgable about what im eating during the day!
22 April 2009 Wednesday, 04:50:10
well ive finally found a place where i can have help loosing weight! its nie to actually be able to understand what all the terms mean, rather than thinking i understand lol. im trying to loose 14lbs in about 6 weeks. the computer says i can't do it but i'm gonna prove it wrong hehe!!so fingers crossed for me and everyone who's loosing weight, congratulations and good luck! xx loita xx