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1 June 2016 Wednesday, 23:16:26
I am on dialysis and my,last labs had a high,phosphorus reading. To keep up,with my protein goals
I need a minimum of 100"grams of,protein,per,day. In order to achieve these goals I,have been eating protein bars. It has been difficult getting PHOSOPOURS numbers. Are ther any sources that,I can use to get this information.

Thanks in,advance
18 January 2016 Monday, 07:52:14
I just discovered this website which has given me the best information regarding vitamin K.
My question: is there a buttery spread or butter/margarine substitute low in vitamin K
available to those who take warfarin? So grateful for any info'.
10 April 2014 Thursday, 10:24:09
are rice high in potassiumand is the pb2 peanut butter w/ chocolate high also
6 April 2014 Sunday, 15:49:24
I can trust you to give me potassium amounts. Most other nutrition websites don't give it or say it is 0.

Good Job.
24 January 2014 Friday, 14:20:01
Blossom: Are there any really low choline foods? Thank you. I appreciate your site.
4 January 2014 Saturday, 19:58:33
What foods help lower potassium?
23 November 2013 Saturday, 09:35:35
Tell me what foods are high in potassium.just ome f them
22 November 2013 Friday, 04:37:25
I have an extremely potassium high level so i want low potassium foods in my meals
17 November 2012 Saturday, 08:31:49
How could such an informative site miss to add info on "boiled rice", the major food of Asia?
23 September 2012 Sunday, 03:23:59
I find this website very helpfull, apart from can you please add the vitimans in the foods!!!!!

I used it for homework, and it really took me less time than I thought!!
15 June 2012 Friday, 11:57:46
How'd I miss this so long? VERY convenient! Thanks for making this available!
9 May 2012 Wednesday, 18:47:12
Thanks, I learned a lot about the nutrients that I need to eat to get more potassium and Omega 3 fatty acids.
9 May 2012 Wednesday, 14:51:15
calcium in apple juice people
12 April 2012 Thursday, 07:04:36
Good site - -I added it to my desktop
7 March 2012 Wednesday, 09:00:51
helped me alot for work i got to do in health class. just smashing!!(:
24 February 2012 Friday, 18:11:08
Excellent site !
6 February 2012 Monday, 16:27:40
I'm a sufferer of fluoride poisoning and this is a helpful website. It has helped me identify many foods and I need to avoid. thanks
17 December 2011 Saturday, 17:23:59
I have found this site very helpful in my need for low sodium food
16 December 2011 Friday, 12:17:46
I have extremely high potassium level and want foods low in potassium. Other than steer clear of those with high amounts, are there foods with low counts.
10 November 2011 Thursday, 12:08:42
I realy enjoy the site, but there is need for references. Thanks
14 August 2011 Sunday, 11:49:40
Rita: Protein bars are O.K., as long as the sugar content is derived from either agave, xylitol or stevia and the sodium content is low. Best wishes, anu []
24 July 2011 Sunday, 06:19:48
Why don't you just increase his protein intake by giving him more chicken or fish?
19 July 2011 Tuesday, 10:47:47
I too have become a fan of this site. Now I am trying to research protein bars, to help my husband increase his intake of protein. Does anyone have any advice? Could protein bars be added to the database?

Rita Sakitt
18 July 2011 Monday, 10:03:22
Very helpful in determining the amt of leucine in a 'typical' breakfast for a researcher in biochemical nutrition. Thanks.
5 July 2011 Tuesday, 09:06:46
this is a very help full site , THANKS
20 June 2011 Monday, 02:40:20
Great site - Very Useful
25 April 2011 Monday, 05:08:52
I think this site is great. Thank you.
10 April 2011 Sunday, 12:14:59
good system
18 February 2011 Friday, 17:18:45

I wish you had more things measured in Cups instead of
29 June 2010 Tuesday, 17:31:47
i'd like if they added things like chamomile tea, balsamic vinegar, and nutritional yeast for things like the amino acids.
3 July 2009 Friday, 17:10:19
Even though I love the Chicken a la King, the salt content is so high that I can no longer tolerate it, and I am going to have to stop buying it. The most recent can was terrible. It was thin, lacking in the usual vegetables, and extremely salty.
Please, can Campbells reduce the salt in so many foods. Perhaps you might notice that many foods for reducing diets are very salty. Too salty! I also have kidney problems and am not supposed to eat high quantities of salt. But the situation is becoming impossible for me.
I would appreciate some feedback. The can I am referring to is dated Feb. 03, 2011 There are other numbers, as well.
Thank you.
13 June 2009 Saturday, 09:40:20
Great site, I wish that it could find the food with the largest amount. ie "food with the most leucine."
8 June 2009 Monday, 12:10:30
great site. thank you very much. your work is greatly appreciated.
26 April 2009 Sunday, 09:16:18
You probably mean phosphorus, not phosphorOus.

The fault is on our side, our system does not check spelling mistakes in nutrient names. It does handle spelling mistakes in food names, but not nutrients. Is on our to do list.
26 April 2009 Sunday, 05:36:48
Will you eventually include phosphorous in foods?