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28 August 2015 Friday, 14:52:02
Bitelog rules..!
23 February 2015 Monday, 23:59:49
Great site! Thank you. This is the best nutrient calculator I've found so far.

Just a quick question... what do the four dashes (----) mean next to a nutrient? Does that mean unknown, none, or only a trace amount?
13 September 2014 Saturday, 19:45:17
My husband is on PD dialysis and this site is invaluable to us, especially for potassium and phosphorus values. His labs tend to high potassium levels which I am told is unusual for PD patients. Since he is a heavy snuff user, I'm wondering if snuff is high in potassium.
3 September 2014 Wednesday, 00:44:08
Sorry for that. We handled it, I hope it works well now.
2 September 2014 Tuesday, 07:14:58
The comment page pops up on my ipad and blocks the
Information on the left side so that it is not possible to see what vitamin is being quoted for information.
Your site is awesome and I am thrilled that I found it as I have many health issues and the information you offer is truly so helpful and a really essential. It is amazing.
It works occasionally and then the comment section pops up again.
Is there anything you can think of so that the comment page will not have to pop up and block the great info.
4 November 2013 Monday, 13:11:33
First of all, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This site is absolutely perfect for comparing foods.

Now for my requests. Could you please add the values for foods like Potatoes that have been soaked to leach out the Potassium? I am curious whether other vegetables would benefit him from this process as well.
And, could you please add other fast food restaurants like Sonic and Subway.

Thanks again for this site! We will be sharing this site with others.
28 October 2013 Monday, 19:23:34
I found a unique use for 'Comparing foods facts' utility. For example when I am served a homemade food item like homemade cookies, a chili recipe, or a turkey broccoli casserole.

I enter the recipe into the "Comparing foods Facts" (with the total calculator turned) on and bingo - I have the total calories, minerals, proteins, fats, and acids that I consumed.

Next I divide the total either by the servings or the grams (consumed) for my nutrition intake. This is fun, interesting, and extremely helpful in controlling a nutritional diet.
13 June 2013 Thursday, 19:39:06
Would you please add steamed fresh vegetable info?
17 May 2013 Friday, 16:12:07
What about iodine? Great nutrition browser, thanks.
10 May 2013 Friday, 13:10:29
A really great resource. I have noticed something in regard to spinach though.

The amount of folate appears very high for 1 raw leaf, is this correct? Would you mind checking?

It states that you would need only a few for your daily requirement.

Thank you for this, I think this must be really making a difference to peoples lives.
18 April 2013 Thursday, 17:36:57
Can you please add Gotukola to your list it's a very interesting plant
17 April 2013 Wednesday, 06:17:20
Ratio for Omega 3-6 maybe, if possible?
17 April 2013 Wednesday, 05:29:07
Hello, really hard to find anyone on web that does Iodine there a reason for this?

22 February 2013 Friday, 20:00:49
Dear sir/madam
It is said "Finger Millet" is distinctly high in calcium and sufficient in amino acids specially methionine. It is staple food in rural areas of many countries in Asia and Africa. Nutritionally it is different from other verieties of millet. I wonder why it is excluded here. Please include "Finger Millet" as well.

With warm regards:
18 February 2013 Monday, 07:52:50
I love this Website...what a find x
20 December 2012 Thursday, 05:57:43
Great. Thank you.

1 November 2012 Thursday, 07:28:03
Please add blueberry tea plus othe teas -- trying to find a low fluoride replacement from black and green tea
27 October 2012 Saturday, 11:24:43
can you add kirklands performance multivitamin, bellybar prenatal, and NOW eggwhite protein powder. this site is great!
18 August 2012 Saturday, 01:46:16
@Walnut omega 3 inquiry....

I think DHA omega 3 only comes from animal sources...usually omega 3 from plant/veggie is ALA omega 3....
18 July 2012 Wednesday, 03:09:22
I'm confused. I've read in numerous articles that walnuts are good for your health because they have high amounts of omega 3. However, your charts show both raw walnuts and raw almonds to have 0 g. of DHA (omega 3) What's up?
24 May 2012 Thursday, 10:34:10
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!
24 April 2012 Tuesday, 11:26:21
Would really like the individual sugars broken down for all fruits and vegetables, including, but not limited to mango and papaya. Thank you.
28 March 2012 Wednesday, 20:33:43
I would appreciate some Asian foods be added: like Bok Choy, Bittermelon, Ube, fish sauce (used as a seasoning and condiment), Sriracha, and other Asian seasonings.
Thank you for what you have though!
31 December 2011 Saturday, 08:34:56
This is an absolute godsend for nutritional comparisons. Thank you so much for the help
4 October 2011 Tuesday, 19:38:26
Can you please get nutritional info for hemp seeds?
Thank you. Love and value this website
26 August 2011 Friday, 11:01:03

Thanks for clearing that up. I have noticed these numbers in a couple of other places since although not with the same frequency per foodstuff. Maybe it is one of those magic numbers.

I wonder could you clear something else up for me too please? I am wondering which of your many entries for french fries (or chips as we call them over here) is for homemade fries made from scratch, from potatoes that you have peeled and chipped yourself and then fried in vegetable oil and preferably drained too.
It is unclear when you use the word "processed/ing" as to whether you mean any kind of preparation; including peeling and chopping/slicing, or just as I would use it, processing out of its natural form in some sort of factory. So I cannot tell whether the ones marked home prepared also appear to be frozen which would imply from a bag. We make our own fries or chips here from scratch either in a deep fryer or a shallow fry pan, and we also have a number of places that do fries like home made from scratch too although they probably fry them for longer, but anyway, it would be great to know which one to pick.

Thanks again.
Warm regards,

15 August 2011 Monday, 18:31:07

Pomegranate does have a lot of 462 nutrients, that is, Calcium is 4.62g, B1 0.0462g , B3 0.462 etc. They are correct.

This comes from an arithmetic oddity. 1 typical pomegranate is 154g. Plus, for a 100g amount, a lot of nutrients are 3, 0.3, 0.03 etc. When those 100g values are converted to 154g (1 pomegranate), it makes 462, 46.2, 4.62 and similar 462 values.

Nice discovery :D
15 August 2011 Monday, 04:35:41
Hi there,

First, thank you so much for this site. It is wonderfully informative, and is helping me get a far better handle on which nutrients I am having a harder time getting into my diet, and which ones I really needn't worry about.

I may have spotted a bug though; I was having a look at Pomegranates today and noticed that there are a number of the results under "1 pomegranate" that are a variation on the figures 0462, ie the decimal point changes position but the numbers are in the same order! Is this some random fluke or is there a glitch in the system?

Thanks again,
6 July 2011 Wednesday, 07:16:53
Hi this is a great site for those of us who would like to know the nutritional value of what we are eating. It's quite eye opening when we see the nutritional value of foods and realise that we can be quite lacking in some vitamins with the diet we are on, for example vitamin D which is so important for fighting infections, including cancer and for the assimilation of calcium. I would recommend this to all my friends and clients who are watching their food intake.
Thanks for putting up the site!
15 May 2011 Sunday, 16:13:22
Is there any way to track the soluble fiber content in food as opposed to total fiber?
29 April 2011 Friday, 04:08:59
I love this, where can i get this in hand held? This could quite honestly save my life.
12 March 2011 Saturday, 06:51:45
Hi there,

Re: chilli powder and mustard seed

There is a rule by FDA that says, basically, if the nutrition values for a product are below a value, the producer company does not need to specify them. They can say, "no significant amount" or similar statements.
What are insignificant amounts of nutrients? )

In your example foods, for chilli,. McCormick seems to be sort of right, on the site they give only sodium value, and the rest is given as 0 because they were properly considered insignificant. Here is their page.

Regarding mustard seed,

They seem to have made a slight mistake in their judgement. Mustard seed does contain some calories (15 kcal for 1 tsp, according to food database). McCormick site seems to consider the serving size to be 1/4 tsp, so the corresponding calories would be 4kcals (for 1/4 tsp). They seem to have considered 4kcal as insignificant and according to above FDA regulation, values under 5kcal can be labeled as 0.

I would, personally, only consider amounts less than 1kcal as insignificant. But that is their decision...

Hope this helps.
10 March 2011 Thursday, 08:53:28
where do you get info on dry spices? I'm on tight diet control, and your site shows significant values -- eg, 15kcal for 1 tsp mustard seed, 26mg sodium for 1 tsp chili pwdr. McCormick's site says these spices have "no significant" amt nutrition. Please clarify.

4 November 2010 Thursday, 14:42:56
Thanks, updated!
3 November 2010 Wednesday, 14:44:22
You need to update your RDA on potassium. It's now 4700 mg for adults.
20 October 2010 Wednesday, 15:08:34
Nice to be able to help.
But please see our disclaimer, sections regarding "physical illness". Obviously, you are free to do as you please.
20 October 2010 Wednesday, 13:56:12
Most likely the most informative and complete listing of nutritional food values available on line. So easy to use.
Thank you so much . Stage 3/4 Chronic Kidney Disease
10 July 2010 Saturday, 06:43:26
I can't believe how great this site is and how easy it is to use! Its everything I hoped would exist and stumbled upon it so randomly.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!! I LOVE it... :) so happy...
15 May 2010 Saturday, 06:45:43
It is really a Great Site !! I Love it !! Thank you very much !!
13 May 2010 Thursday, 11:37:11
Found you on this page, hope that can finally lose my ugly fat. Thank you for the information, now its up to me.
13 May 2010 Thursday, 11:36:58
Fpund you on this page, hope that can finally lose my ugly fat. Thank you for the information, now its up to me.
3 August 2009 Monday, 14:26:49
I am new to this ,i am wanting to lose some weight
28 March 2009 Saturday, 15:36:05
What a find! I am just now having to adjust to a low-potassium, low(ish) sodium diet, and this is the first place I've found a comprehensive listing of all elements in food. This will make the job infinitely easier. Thanks so much.
27 March 2009 Friday, 05:09:35
good website useful