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Interview with anonymous

Below is the interview with anonymous, done 5 January 2012 Thursday, 17:53:26 your time.
 Are you overweight? Or have you ever been overweight?
Yes, I am very overweight
 If you are overweight, what do you think is the reason FOR YOU?
Being Lazy, health issues
 What do you think is the reason FOR OTHER OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE?
it could be a number of things. i had health problems but than i got set in my ways and just became lazy
 Are you on a diet at the moment?
 What does diet mean for you?
a- Not to eat and starve myself.
b- Cutting the calories.
c- Cutting the calories plus increasing the exercise.
d- Getting all the things my body needs with less calories.
e- Getting all the things my body needs with less calories plus increasing the exercise.
f- Eating as usual but increasing the exercise.
g- Healthy life style.
h- Your own definition. Please type.
A Mega Life Change
 Do you expect your diet to be successful, if so why? If not why?
Yes, because i have already lost over a 100 lbs in over a year
 Have you ever managed to lose weight, but then gain again? If yes, why and how did you get back some of the weight?
yes, before in past i would try the fast methods of just stop eatting and starving myself. I would loose the weight fast and than i would gain that weight back plus a lot more
 If you have ever succeeded to achieve your diet goals, what is it that you`ve done right?
I Love progessve weight watcher soups, i stay with fresh veggies, and fruit. I love salad but I recently have choosen to stay away from all salad dressings to lower my calorie intake. I exercise to body gospel work out video and walk when i can manage to make it to the track. which is usually every day for atleast an hour
 Please tell us 3 tips for a successful diet. We are all ears.
Staying postive, telling yourself you can do it no matter what others may think. Never cheat, taht one time will lead to lots more times. Our Heavenly Father brings me all the strength I need for successfu;
 What are you observing in other dieters as mistakes?
Cut back way too many calories and literaly starve their bodies or they like to cheat
 Please tell us some important mistakes you did in your diets. We can learn from them.
I gave up when people start to take notice that i was loosing the weight. I thought well this is a comfortable weight that people are noticing and I was ok with that weight than
 How should your close ones treat you as a dieter? Should they better be quiet on the subject, or should they push you?
Be as supportive as possible and guys common dont ask dieter to try something. Trust me its not that we sont want to.. It's cheating
 If you are living with others, how do you handle the problem of you having special diet meals while others have their usual meals?
my family has had a life style change with food. When I started eatting fresh foods such as veggies and fruits.. Well they wanted to eat more like mommy
 How do you cope with eating less? For some people it really hurts and is like hell. For some others, they enjoy the light feeling. How about you?
I am ok with it now, they first few days getting back into routine is very hard and nerve racking cause you feel like you can eat anything including yourself, but if you sick it out past the fist week it gets easier
 Could you warn us about some diet methods you got involved with that did not work?
all meat diet, no starch diets, eatting less but no exercise
 Could you tell us some diet methods you got involved with that did work.
Body Gospel work out videos and a strong welled ming that i can do anything
 Where do you stand on the subject of exercise?
I try and get atleast 2 hours a day
 Is there anything you`d care to say about diets?
They works if follow right and had daily exercise. Lean Towards the Lord for strength, he has sure helped me
 Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
Your Welcome

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