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Interview with Heather Oz

Below is the interview with Heather Oz, done 6 March 2011 Sunday, 13:04:45 your time.
 Are you overweight? Or have you ever been overweight?
Yes, I was overweight.
 If you are overweight, what do you think is the reason FOR YOU?
The reason for me was, I thought that I needed to look after myself, eat well and be strong.
But it was also a time when I had to change my job from a very active one to a not-so-active one.
These 2 things together made me gain weight so quickly that I was surprised.
 What do you think is the reason FOR OTHER OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE?
I think `food and eating` is a very important part of all overweight people`s life.
Also the activity level decides how much calories one needs. So if you have a very active job, you can and should eat more, but with a less active job or life style, you just can`t eat this same amount.
Also, if someone is working out, he gets the eating habits accordingly. Sooner or later when he stops working out even very briefly, he will still have the same eating habits and this makes being an overweight inevitable. That is the reason why workout makes people overweight.
 Are you on a diet at the moment?
 What does diet mean for you?
a- Not to eat and starve myself.
b- Cutting the calories.
c- Cutting the calories plus increasing the exercise.
d- Getting all the things my body needs with less calories.
e- Getting all the things my body needs with less calories plus increasing the exercise.
f- Eating as usual but increasing the exercise.
g- Healthy life style.
h- Your own definition. Please type.
e-Getting all the things my body needs with less calories plus increasing the exercise.
 Do you expect your diet to be successful, if so why? If not why?
It is going well, I know that it is successful. I can feel that I am losing the weight, my clothes started to get loose.
It is successful because `Getting all the things my body needs with less calories plus increasing the exercise` just cannot fail.
 Have you ever managed to lose weight, but then gain again? If yes, why and how did you get back some of the weight?
Not keeping the same activity level but keeping the same amount of eating.
 If you have ever succeeded to achieve your diet goals, what is it that you`ve done right?
Knowing that I am doing the right thing and keep doing it until I get the result.
 Please tell us 3 tips for a successful diet. We are all ears.
1-Keep a diary to see your calories and nutrients. (BItelog is best. It gives me vitamins, protein etc. etc.) Make sure you get enough of all.
2-Increase your activity level. Walk instead of transportation, use the stairs instead of elevator etc.
3-Eat less calories than your body needs.
 How should your close ones treat you as a dieter? Should they better be quiet on the subject, or should they push you?
They should not offer me chocolates as often. (Every now and then it would be OK.)
 Where do you stand on the subject of exercise?
I am not very good at exercising.
 Is there anything you`d care to say about diets?
I wish good luck to everyone. I want all people happy and healthy.
 Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
Thank you!

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